Arty Caiado

Boston Waterfront HDR Photo - Night Winter Skyline

Boston Waterfront HDR Photo - Night Winter Skyline

Boston, what a cold night this was.

NIKON D90 - 2009:01:11 21:42:58

Boston Skyline HDR Panorama - Cold Winter Night in Boston MA.

I remember taking this. What a freezing cold night, and I went out on the docks, where I don't believe I was actually allowed to be. Icy dock, 18 degrees out, nobody around, if I slipped, that would've been it. Setup the tripod and took 3 bracketed shots for each of the 9 photos that were stitched together to create this. It was really dark/late, and the overexposed shots had the shutter open for about 2 minutes and then closed for another 2 minutes to process it. It took forever, but I remember as I was taking it and seeing how it came out being very excited. To this day it's worth it because it's my personal favorite of all photographs I've taken.

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