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Photo Organizing Update

Photo Organizing Update

Me Rocking the Made in Boston Gear

NIKON D90 - 2016:12:14 13:04:50

2008 Galleries done and online - check. Sadly missing many photos and raw files from my Denver Colorado trip as well as everything I had from Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

I've just completed sorting through my photos from 2008. The year I learned how to shoot an SLR and process the RAW images. I borrowed my friend's D100 and a couple of lenses for a European vacation but before I left, I took it out around my home town and actually got some pretty good shots in both Barnstable Harbor for a sunset, and around the JFK Memorial in Hyannis. The following week, I brought the camera to Europe which included visiting family in Germany, going to the Oktoberfest, having dinner in Basel Switzerland, and taking a tour around Strausborg France. My cousins live in the Lorrach area close to the Swiss/French border, so family showed me around there as well, and we visited a castle in Haagen, a vineyard along the wine route for lunch and saw some hang gliders take off atop a mountain in the Black Forest. On a sad note, I had a ton of great shots from Denver Colorado in late August/Early September 2014, and a lot of great photos from Punta Cana in August of 2015 which are gone. I had my photos very neatly organized and backed up, but I never used to lock my home computer and have let many people stay whenever even when I wasn't home. Unfortunately, it's quite evident my photos were tampered with, a lot that I processed I had to re-process, some are outright missing, and both my google photos and flickr accounts have had many photos deleted, or the metadata tampered with, I had my password saved in the browser. I'm not sure why someone would want to target me or my simple photoblog, but anyway, not gonna let it stop me from doing what I love and that's going out and getting new photos and creating new art.