Arty Caiado

Eiffel Tower Area - Morning

Eiffel Tower - Paris France - September 24, 2013

Photos of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, as well as some surrounding statues. Views from the canal, below and the Champ de Mars green space. I apologize for the volume of Eiffel Tower photos, but I didn't know when I'd be back to see it again, so I went a little overboard. Basically same is true for this entire vacation. After sunrise at the Arc de Triomphe, we walked over to the Eiffel tower area, it's about a 2km walk and takes about half an hour at a leisurely pace. Had a crepe with banana and nutella and it was pretty awesome. Then after taking some more photos and using the automated restroom that sanitized itself after every use, we got lunch nearby. I had a soufflé. Then we walked along the canal towards the Notre Dame Cathedral. Timestamps in EST, add 6 hours.
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