Arty Caiado

Leuven Sunset

Leuven, Belgium - September 26, 2013

Sunset in downtown Leuven, Belgium from September 26, 2013. I thought the 3 NOFILTER photographs here would be a good example of how I make these photos. I take the 3 exposures either holding really still or on a tripod due to the length of time the shutter is open in lower light situations. Then I merge these exposures in Photomatix and finish it up in Photoscape. In this example, you can see how the -2ev version there is detail in the sky/sunset but everything else is mostly shadowed out. The normal shutter speed captures some of the sky and some of the foreground, but neither are emphasized clearly. The +2ev gets a good amount of detail in the foreground, but the sky is too light. Photomatix merges these 3 shutter speeds and pulls that detail data into a single image. I then turn up the color saturation afterward to really make the colors stand out in the painterly look. Timestamps in EST, add 6 hours.