Arty Caiado

Nashoba Valley Winery - Bolton, MA

Nashoba Valley Winery - Bolton, MA - July 23, 2017

A handful of random pictures from around the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA from July 23, 2017. It's peach season but I didn't go pick any or get any shots of the peaches in bloom. My neighbors also grow peaches, so I'll probably get some from them. I did a wine/beer tasting that was alright, but overall I wasn't too impressed except I was a big fan of the Key Lime brew they had. The grounds are great and the atmosphere is nice outside if the weather cooperates. It wasn't too hot for mid summer, so the weather was kind of perfect. The place was pretty crowded, they do a good business. I watched a kid on a little Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle dump his bike in a sandy patch which was unfortunate, another unfortunate thing was the crushed Dunkin Donuts cup right next to where I parked- not sure why people can't just pick up their trash.