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Angry looking vulture. I borrowed someone's zoom lens for this photo and now she wants credit for my photo! It's also why the EXIF data was left on this photo but stripped from the others, I guess that's what you get when you know people that work for a corrupt government.
Vulture Close Up

Close up photograph at a vicious looking vulture. I used a 300mm zoom for this shot, and did very minimal editing....

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The Vortex.
The Vortex - Atlanta Georgia

Located in the Little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia, The Vortex has a very unique building/entrance. The bright color...

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I want to go to the Caribbean!
Coral Banded Shrimp and Anemone

Photo from my fish tank in 2010. I had a 55 gallon reef tank with clownfish, damsel, green chromic, tomato clown, coral banded s...

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Beacon Hill - Boston, Massachusetts
Beacon Hill - Boston, MA

Beacon Hill in Boston, MA. I took this photo in 2009....

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This would probably work for the New England potholes!
Monster Truck

I took this shot in 2009 at an NHRA drag racing event in NJ....

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Flag on the Mayflower II in Plymouth, MA.
Mayflower II - Plymouth MA

Panorama of the Mayflower II I took in Plymouth, MA and also a flag that was on it. Not sure what flag it is exactly, I should p...

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Swim at your own risk!
Millway Beach - Barnstable, MA

No lifeguard on duty here at Millway Beach. This picture was taken a while back, this sign is no longer there....

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Welcome to Cape Cod
Sagamore Bridge - Welcome to Cape Cod

I took these photos of the Sagamore Bridge in 2009. 3 exposure HDR portrait style - I gave my parents a canvas print of this, an...

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